I. tool tool 1 [tuːl] noun [countable]
1. an object, piece of equipment, or device used for making things:

• Something like sixty tools may be used to machine a workpiece.

• a tool manufacturer

maˈchine tool
MANUFACTURING a powerful tool used for cutting and shaping metal, for example for making parts for cars, engines, machinery etc:

• There's been a slump in demand for machine tools and other capital goods.

2. a skill or method of doing a particular task:

• Praise is a hugely powerful management tool.

• Using a preferred currency can be a strong marketing tool when negotiating a contract.

• Reports and accounts are a useful publicity tool.

3. COMPUTING a piece of software designed to do a particular task:

• a new online tool to help digital photographers

  [m0] II. tool tool 2 verb
tool up phrasal verb [intransitive, transitive] MANUFACTURING
to prepare a place such as a factory for production by providing the necessary tools and machinery:

• U.S. shipyards, having had three years for preparation, were able to tool up for mass production of destroyers.

* * *

tool UK US /tuːl/ noun [C]
a small piece of equipment that you use with your hands to make or repair something: »

They sell agricultural machinery and tools.


You can assemble our furniture using hand tools or very basic power tools.

something that helps you in a particular activity: »

An educated sales force is one of the most effective tools any company can have.


Our online presence gives us a powerful new tool to maintain market position.


a business/marketing/research tool


a strategic/managerial/statistical tool

IT a program or feature of a program that helps you do particular things on a computer: »

The spreadsheet program offers several useful tools for manipulating the material.


Companies in the industry tend to use identical, or at least compatible, software tools.

tool of the trade — Cf. tool of the trade
See also MACHINE TOOL(Cf. ↑machine tool)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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